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BR / LMS Point Rodding Stools




These are available ‘Print to Order’ in 4mm and 7mm scale, priced by the roller as follows:

1x 4mm Roller – 10p  |  1x 7mm Roller – 20p

For example a 3 roller stool in 4mm would be 30p and 60p in 7mm scale.

Please email or call 07887 803 737 with details of your requirements.  I can cater for any number of parallel rollers and produce to order.    The stools are compatible with the following wire:

4mm Scale – 0.4mm square

7mm Scale – 0.7mm square

Additional information


1923-1947 Big Four (GWR, LMS, LNER and SR), 1948-1966 Britsh Railways Steam & Diesel, 1967-1982 New Face of British Rail, 1982-1994 British Rail Sectorisation, 1995 Privatisation


1-76th-OO-Gauge, 1-43rd-O-Gauge


1-roller, 10-roller, 11-roller, 12-roller, 2-roller, 3-roller, 4-roller, 5-roller, 6-roller, 7-roller, 8-roller, 9-roller


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