Seated Passengers Pack A

Seated Passengers Pack A

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  1. 5 out of 5

    billtee45 (verified owner)

    When I opened Pack A of the seated passengers, I immediately wondered how I was going to detail the magazine the gentleman is reading. He is holding the publication by its bottom corners, so it must be a magazine rather than a newspaper which would be far too floppy to be held this way. So what magazine? A model railway magazine, of course, so I photographed my current ‘Model Rail’ magazine’s outer cover, and a double page spread inside, then printed them out in colour to the required size. To my amazement the front cover’s title CAN be seen clearly, and the large illustration of the double page spread inside. I carefully cut out my prints and glued them into position after finishing the painting of my figures, and my small additions have brought the figure to life! Mind you, painting the eyes of the figures is not easy – on several I had to repaint the faces to get the tiny dots (0.1mm) in exactly the right place, but the effort required was worth it! The people are real, doing things we all do when on a train, and I will be delighted to fit them within my interiorly-lit carriages.

  2. 5 out of 5

    rwarner (verified owner)

    I replaced an existing set of seated passengers with this set of Modelu people, They are so realistic they make all the other suppliers figures look like blobs of plastic. I have now got to replace the rest of the station with Modelu figures, there is well over a 100!!!

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1:32nd Gauge 1, 1:43.5 O Gauge, 1:48th US O Gauge, 1:64th S Scale, 1:76th OO Gauge, 1:87th HO Gauge, 1:100th 3mm Scale, 1:148th N Gauge

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