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    andrewnewman (verified owner)

    The quality really brings any peopled scene alive, adding that elusive extra oomph of detail and interest. My 1926-1936 GW station (named Seagoon) has this seated gentleman on one end of a GWR platform seat. He’s smartly dressed complete with spats as per the period. He’s glancing left at the only other occupant, who sits at the far end (as is the custom when two strangers choose the same bench seat). The body language of the two characters says a lot. While Mr Trubshaw-Smythe holds his hat, with legs crossed, appearing to be willing to converse, his more informal companion sits with legs akimbo, newspaper firmly spread, shutting himself off from any interplay. No earphone music in that era!

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1:19th 16mm Scale, 1:22.5 G Scale, 1:24th Scale, 1:25th Scale, 1:29th Scale, 1:32nd Gauge 1, 1:35th Scale, 1:43.5 O Gauge, 1:48th US O Gauge, 1:64th S Scale, 1:72nd Scale, 1:76th OO Gauge, 1:87th HO Gauge, 1:100th 3mm Scale, 1:148th N Gauge

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