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We offer a limited service of custom figures created from existing figures in the range.  Customisations can include:

  • Different headwear
  • Different tools/implements
  • Change of head or direction of gaze

Select your scale and add notes of your requirements at checkout.   Please note these figures cost slightly more than stock figures to cover the modifications.

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1:12th 5" Gauge, 1:13.7 7/8th Gauge, 1:16th 3 1/2" Gauge, 1:19th 16mm Scale, 1:22.5 G Scale, 1:24th Scale, 1:25th Scale, 1:29th Scale, 1:32nd Gauge 1, 1:35th Scale, 1:43.5 O Gauge, 1:48th US O Gauge, 1:56th 28mm Scale, 1:64th S Scale, 1:72nd Scale, 1:76th OO Gauge, 1:87th HO Gauge, 1:100th 3mm Scale, 1:144th Scale, 1:148th N Gauge

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