New Signalmen in development

Posted On November 3, 2015 at 9:25 pm by / 3 Comments

Thanks to Jamie’s help, a number of new signalman poses were created this week, scanned in situ in Bewdley South signal box.  These include signalman operating the lever frame, seated in comfy chair, using phone, another leaning option and other natural poses.

Later in the year I’ll be looking at designing a new signal box interior detailing kit, including block instruments, token instruments, train register desk, stove and more.

Once test prints have been approved these new signalmen will be added to the range, available to order via the webshop and at exhibitions.

3 thoughts on “New Signalmen in development

  1. Fantastic, really good figures. A group of figures not catered for in the past, can’t wait to buy some. When are you putting them on sale.

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