New Pre-Grouping Figures

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With big thanks to the Mendip Group, in particular Andrew Campbell, Gordon Gravett and John Cook, I’m happy to announce the addition of 22 new Pre-Grouping era figures.  These include loco crews and station staff covering the period 1875 to 1922.  The new figures can be found in the Pre-Grouping category of the website.



9 thoughts on “New Pre-Grouping Figures

  1. I enjoyed looking at these excellent figures. Are they available in 10mm scale? I model the LSWR in Gauge1 c1880-1910 and would love to have some age appropriate figures on my diorama. Thank you.

    1. Hi Peter, thank you for your feedback. You can order any of the figures in gauge 1, just drop me a mail with their stock numbers and orientations (left or right hand drive) and I’ll raise an order.


  2. Thank you, but having read your advertising info. it seems that 1/32 scale is the largest size you produce. As mentioned I model in 10mm to 1 foot to a scale of 1/30. Is there any possibility you could produce figures in this size as a 5’6″ man in 1/32 would only be about 5’3″ in 10mm scale. A bit too much of a reduction. Any help would be most appreciated. Regards, Peter.

  3. Thank you for your reply, but I’m not sure whether you are able to produce figures to the 10mm scale I model in (1/30). The 1/32 scale are just a bit too small for my use as a 5′ 6″ man in 1/32 is only 5’3″ in 1/30 scale. Kind regards, Peter.

    1. Hi Peter, 1/30th is no problem, if you’d like to place and order please select 1/32nd from the list and at checkout you can add a note to the order to say you require 1/30th.

      Best regards


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your message. I can print 16mm figures to order currently, please drop me an email at and a list of which product codes you would like to order. 16mm figures are £25 each.

      Many thanks


  4. Crediton Museum is having a Railway theme this year, and we have a Scaleseven model on Crediton Stn. in LSWR days and will have the loan of a T3 4-4-0 and coaches. Do you do any 7mm. models of Edwardian people? If so, what and how much. The exhibition opens 1.4.19. REgards DD

    1. Hi David, thanks for your message. I don’t as yet but am making connections with groups who have the costumes and plan to launch a range later this summer.

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