New First World War Figures

Posted On July 20, 2018 at 10:48 am by / 3 Comments

A number of First World War Royal Engineer figures have been added to the range to compliment the growing number of War Department RTR locomotives.  This first release of figures covers Sappers and will shortly be followed by more infantry and loco crew poses designed for the Bachmann Baldwin 4-6-0T and other ROD livered locomotives.  Thanks to re-enactors at the recent Tracks to the Trenches event, there will be additional infantry and officers added to the range.  The new figures can be found in the First World War category on the webshop.

3 thoughts on “New First World War Figures

  1. Looking fantastic.i will definitely be using these on my ww1 oo9 layout “Somme Sidings”. Regards Bobby.

  2. Excellent 00 figures, easy to paint, making detail pop
    and will be great on my 009 casualty clearing layout.
    Thanks guys, hope you manage the other figures I requested
    as they will really finish off my setting.

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