Development Workbench: Scale Loco Lamps

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I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but finding the time for a bit of R&D has been tricky lately.   But I’ve finally made time to try it: 4mm Scale loco lamps.  These were created by scanning WR lamps (as well as Midland, Southern, Eastern and Industrial, thanks to Iain at Llangollen).  The base is slotted, which was a bit of a gamble at this size, but thankfully it appears to have worked.  

They have been tested on the factory fitted Bachmann lamp irons on the 64xx, the etched Mainly Trains irons fitted to my 57xx and Shawplan’s etched irons on the Dukedog.  The handle is 0.2mm dia so very, very delicate.   I’ll be sending a few of these out for feedback and all being well they will be on sale in February.  It is likely that the handle diameter will be increased, but I couldn’t resist printing them as close to scale as possible.  

I hope to also get some 7mm samples ready in time for Bristol O Gauge show at the end of the month.

17 thoughts on “Development Workbench: Scale Loco Lamps

  1. Hi Alan
    Don Weetman here, (we met at Llandrinio last Tuesday and I bought a 7mm Loco driver and Fireman from you) Very interested in your latest project re Loco lamps. I note from the photos that they appear to be hollow, does this mean we would be able to insert LED’s and make them operational, if so, that would be great.

    1. Hi Don, it should be possible in 7mm scale, I’ll be experimenting with them in the next couple of weeks, hoping to have samples to take to Bristol. Nice to meet you at Llandrinio

  2. i too am interested in the 7mm (lms/midland)lamps, i spoke with you at Telford last year & hope to see you at Bristol this Jan.

  3. Just what I’m looking for. However, I’m working in 1:100 3mm/ft scale, which would be stretching this even further, but heavier gauge handles and other details would certainly be acceptable if needed. Any chance?

    1. Hi Nigel, 3mm shouldn’t be a problem, once I’m back from Bristol I’ll be printing 2mm test lamps so I’ll scale some as 3mm also! Which lamps are you looking for?



  4. I have several figures which I have painted and showed to the Norfolk
    O gauge group ( the mardlers) and they were an instant hit.Waiting for the next set you do! Would like to see 7mm LNER lamps which could take a lens,(clear or red) . Slightly thicker bits would be fine as we need them to be added and removed with ease from stock.

    1. Hi Kev, I’m hoping to have them available in April, will post info on Facebook and the site when I have more news. Cheers

  5. Hi Alan
    When are going to see the 7mm lamps? It seems a long time no pressure ha ha. Keep up the great work. All the best
    Michael Crook

    1. Hi Michael, they are on their way! Once I have a bit of time between shows I’ll start to get some stock printed. Many thanks

    2. Hello Michael, not too much longer I hope! I’ve a reliable source of lenses for them now and have a good catalogue of designs. Once I’ve caught up with scan commissions from the Autumn exhibitions they are next on the todo list.

  6. Have been droolling over figures on this site since I found it. Trouble is I model in 1/32 (9.5mm to ft.) Any chance of extending your size range in the near future. Failing that is it possible to produce a larger figure by essentially doing two prints of each figure (top and bottom)? Also please consider adding seated and standing passengers to your range one day.

  7. Hi Alan
    You have made my day with the first 7mm loco lamps can’t wait to see them on the list to buy. Oh what to do with my hands until I get them
    Best regards
    Michael Crook b

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’m printing stock now, hoping to have them on the website before Bristol. When they are ready I’ll send out a news update!



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