3D Design

If you have a modelling project in mind that you think 3D printing might help with, but you don’t have the CAD facilities to create your design, then we can help out.

We can work from photos, sketches or plans and drawings, but as a minimum, dimensions, basic sketches and additional notes help to give a clear starting point.

Design Pricing


8 week estimated lead time however completion dates are determined by complexity and cannot be guaranteed

Design for 3D Printing

We offer in house CAD skills for low to medium complexity 3D component part design, advanced 3D design projects are handled by a number of our preferred freelance 3D designers, all whom are modellers themselves.

Projects for example can include architectural details, locomotive boiler fittings, signalling or line side components, essentially any detailed custom part that you need.  3D printing can be the answer to repetitive scratch building tasks of complex and finely detailed components.   The design life cycle includes the production of schematics and in some cases production samples, ensuring that the final product matches your design brief.

What do I need to provide for the design?

In an ideal world a works drawing or plan makes designing a component in 3D much easier, but we rarely have that luxury.  Some of our design work has been created from photographs, sketches, physical objects or in some cases National Archive plans and drawings.  As much information as you can provide will help to ensure the completed design meets your expectations.  As a minimum, dimensions, basic sketches and additional notes help to give a clear starting point.

How long does it take?

Our standard design turnaround is 8 weeks, however this is dependent on complexity and the level detail in the design source material provided.   More accurate lead times can be provided during the quotation phase.  If you have a design that you think we can help out with, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements.

All prices are subject to change.


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